Sky Lights


Sunset marks ending

Moon shine marks the beginning

Twinkling stars playing


Image courtesy:- Photokanok/freedigitalphotos


Dark Sky

Moon hides tonight
Twinkling stars are no sight
Incomplete is night


Image courtesy:- antpkr/


Reading is similar to breathing for me. And when I don’t get the time to read for whatsoever reasons, I cringe and long desperately to be able to read again. It’s been almost ten days since I’ve opened a new book or re-read an old one for that matter! I took a break from here to work on my photography blog. Now that that is going on smoothly, I am back here, sharing my misery and hoping to return to my first love — reading.

Books are everywhere

Not much time to spare

Longing heart despairs


Save Trees


Trees are rare

Concrete jungle has taken over

Trees silently bear


Image courtesy:- mapichai/

Healing Incomplete

Broken heart crumbles
As the memories rush in
Misery once again


Image courtesy:-  usamedeniz/

True Words

Words are tricky

Can hurt or can heal

Use them carefully