Keep on Writing

There have been times where

I cannot write no matter how hard I try.

I look for inspiration in everything.

I sit with a pen and book, waiting

for the words to flow but sometimes,

they just stay inside. I’m envious of those

who can churn out words from the word ‘go’.

It must be nice to be able to do so. But me,

sometimes I have to make myself write

a few atrocious ones before I can come up

with something that is remotely decent to my eyes.

What it reads to the readers’ eyes, I shudder to think.

But in the end, one needs to be brave. Brave to

open up a little and let the readers into your world.

They might love your words or hate them.

But that should never be a reason to give up.


Image courtesy:- Pixabay.

To Listen or Not To Listen


I am quiet

I am shy

I do not talk much

But I try.

In that trying

I am talkative

I am strong

And I come across

As someone fun.

But, sometimes

I would like

To stay still and quiet

And listen.

Listen to the words

Spoken, unspoken

Feel the emotions

Of the other person.

But then people say

I’m cold and broken

Because I don’t give them

Words in return.

I thought when

Someone talked

You need to listen.

Am I wrong?


Image courtesy:- Pixabay.


Do not be afraid

to just sit and do nothing

Instead, close your eyes

and listen.

Listen to your heartbeat

as you breathe in and out

Listen to the life that

flows through your veins

and think, think how good

it feels to be alive

and how it truly makes

it all worthwhile

to just sit once in a while

and listen.


Image courtesy:- Pixabay.

Be Bold, Be Brave

Be bold, be brave and soar

into the deep blue sky

Spread your wings and fly

as high and as far as you can

Unshackle the chains

in your mind and heart

Do not be afraid to be free,

free to explore the big wide world

on your own terms and time


Image courtesy:- Pixabay.

Reading and More

Surrounded by walls made of books

Walk in and pick one, take a look

Like it? Sit down, have a read

Join the others and have some tea

By the brook of soothing sounds

Made by the water gushing down

A fountain kept near the door

To keep you cool as you step indoor

Quotes by authors, known unknown

Garnish the ceiling and the floor

Read them as you walk inside

Met by the aroma of baked bites

Want to sit and do just nothing?

Go ahead and I’ll bring you a muffin

Bring your friends along for a talk

For some music or even for a laugh


Image courtesy:-Pixabay.

Aging Beauty

Friendships grow

like a blooming rose

Where petals


each individual

linked arm in arm

through the good times

and the bad

Being tested with

gusty winds of negativism

from evil weeds

that grow amongst them

The rose may wither with time

The petals may grow old

But no matter what

The growth of a friendship

just like an aging rose

will never fail to retain

the beauty it beholds


Image courtesy:- Pixabay.

Withered Away

For years it stood

braving the weathers

of Mother Nature

and of humans

Till one day,

it could stand no more

And it withered,

withered away leaving

only its essence in the air


Image courtesy:- Pixabay

A New Year’s Wish

The New Year is greeted with joy and laughter

Dancing, drinking, shouts of cheers

It got me thinking of the people in my life

Those are precious to me no matter what

I’ve made new friends without forgetting the old

But never taken the opportunity to let them know

So I thought this New Year’s I’ll do just that

Tell them how I feel and what they mean

You’ll have been with me through the tough times

Laughed with me, cared for me the whole time

I hope I’ve been the same with you

If I haven’t then I’ll make sure I do

I’ll give you comfort when you desire it

I’ll give you the support when you require it

I’ll be the friend you want me to be

For fun, for laughter in times of need

That’s my wish for this New Year

From me to you, all you dears

I’ll try and be the best, the best for you

Just don’t forget me and say “who are you?”

© NJ

Image courtesy:- Pixabay

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

Christmas Cheers!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Says Santa Claus

When it begins to snow like little drops

It’s that time of the year when Christmas cheers

Brings cakes, goodies and lots of fun

Carol singing, Santa Claus, chimneys

Reindeer, snowman, Christmas puddings

Decorating houses, streets and churches

Building a crib by all the masses

This is to celebrate the birth of our Lord

Whom we call Jesus with all our love

We call upon Him in our troubled times

We thank Him in our happy times

He’s always there for us

As we should be for each other

And forget our misgivings

To start a new beginning

As Christmas nears, so does the year end

Let us change to be better human beings

Welcome the New Year with a warm heart

And embrace ourselves for a new start


Image courtesy:- Pixabay

This is an old post but it fits the holiday season perfectly, don’t you think?

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas!

Sky Lights


Sunset marks ending

Moon shine marks the beginning

Twinkling stars playing


Image courtesy:- Photokanok/freedigitalphotos