Go Exlpore, My Heart

Go, my heart, go

Feel free to explore,

Do not be afraid to hurt

or stumble, or get lost inside,

I will stay with you

every step of the way,

I will take care of you

as you do of me every single day,

without letting go a beat

You are my life and I am yours

and yours alone. For I promise,

I will not let go. No, not unless

you tell me to.


Image courtesy:- Pixabay.

Plain Blank Sheet

Love is a plain blank sheet

which when blossomed

is filled with colours known solely

to the two beautiful souls.


Image courtesy:- Pixabay.

Life Will Prevail

I sit here alone, with nature as my mate

I gaze far and wide as my eyes can see

and I feel free. I let the tears fall.

No one can see as they flow into the river

and just like that my aching heart is being cleansed.

Even though my troubles do not disappear,

the majestic mountains reassure me

that anything can be conquered

if you put your heart to it. All I need to be

is headstrong, just like them.


For come rain or snow or sunshine, they brave it.

They even endure human unkindness.

Yet, there they are, standing proud and tall.

They do not complain. They just stay. They stay in harmony,

as you can see, with the green trees, the blue sky,

the white clouds, the sun, the moon… everything.

There’s so much we can learn and yet, we don’t.

But as I sit here, gazing at nature,

I breathe in the cold, fresh air and I feel a sense of calm,

a sense of happiness, a sense of hope,

hope that someday all of this will not have been in vain.

All of this will continue to prevail

long after mankind has been erased.


Image ©:- Shubhodeep Roy. You can also read his amazing posts on his blog ShubhodeepRoy or visit his site ShubhodeepRoy.

Will We Learn?

Piece by piece the earth crumbles

Caused by us, the human jungle

How long before it is completely broken?


Image courtesy:- Pixabay.

Stabs are Crucial…. Sometimes

Her heart was shut tight

afraid that if anything entered

it’ll die. She was stabbed

so many times.

What she never realised was

the stabs though penetrated

her heart, it also help let the light in.

The light, in turn, spread warmth.

The warmth helped the healing.

The healing led the path to

happiness. Happiness produced love.

Love encountered strength and

together they all filled her heart to the

point where now it overflows and

has no space for hurt, anger or pain



Image courtesy:- Pixbay.

I am not sure if I’m back full-on but I will post as and when inspiration hits me.

Keep on Writing

There have been times where

I cannot write no matter how hard I try.

I look for inspiration in everything.

I sit with a pen and book, waiting

for the words to flow but sometimes,

they just stay inside. I’m envious of those

who can churn out words from the word ‘go’.

It must be nice to be able to do so. But me,

sometimes I have to make myself write

a few atrocious ones before I can come up

with something that is remotely decent to my eyes.

What it reads to the readers’ eyes, I shudder to think.

But in the end, one needs to be brave. Brave to

open up a little and let the readers into your world.

They might love your words or hate them.

But that should never be a reason to give up.


Image courtesy:- Pixabay.

To Listen or Not To Listen


I am quiet

I am shy

I do not talk much

But I try.

In that trying

I am talkative

I am strong

And I come across

As someone fun.

But, sometimes

I would like

To stay still and quiet

And listen.

Listen to the words

Spoken, unspoken

Feel the emotions

Of the other person.

But then people say

I’m cold and broken

Because I don’t give them

Words in return.

I thought when

Someone talked

You need to listen.

Am I wrong?


Image courtesy:- Pixabay.


Do not be afraid

to just sit and do nothing

Instead, close your eyes

and listen.

Listen to your heartbeat

as you breathe in and out

Listen to the life that

flows through your veins

and think, think how good

it feels to be alive

and how it truly makes

it all worthwhile

to just sit once in a while

and listen.


Image courtesy:- Pixabay.

Be Bold, Be Brave

Be bold, be brave and soar

into the deep blue sky

Spread your wings and fly

as high and as far as you can

Unshackle the chains

in your mind and heart

Do not be afraid to be free,

free to explore the big wide world

on your own terms and time


Image courtesy:- Pixabay.

Reading and More

Surrounded by walls made of books

Walk in and pick one, take a look

Like it? Sit down, have a read

Join the others and have some tea

By the brook of soothing sounds

Made by the water gushing down

A fountain kept near the door

To keep you cool as you step indoor

Quotes by authors, known unknown

Garnish the ceiling and the floor

Read them as you walk inside

Met by the aroma of baked bites

Want to sit and do just nothing?

Go ahead and I’ll bring you a muffin

Bring your friends along for a talk

For some music or even for a laugh


Image courtesy:-Pixabay.