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This post is just a simple announcement regarding the birth of my second blog called NJClicks which is solely created for the purpose of posting my photographs. Photography is something I enjoy immensely. Right from sunsets to trees to birds to people… pretty much ANYTHING! Although I’m an amateur at it, it does not stop me from clicking pictures. Give the link a look-see, follow, comment or just enjoy the journey that I undertake with my camera…



Almost everyday I get to see this gorgeous golden ball spreading its beautiful rays and lighting up the sky with its orange-ness as it sets. Each one more beautiful than ever. It’s almost become like a habit for me, to keep looking out of the window and sitting ready with my camera in hand…

“Happiness is a Swedish sunset; it is there for all, but most of us look the other way and lose it.” – Mark Twain.






P.S. I’ve started a new blog called NJClicks to showcase my photography. Henceforth, all the photographs that I’ve clicked will be posted there. Cheers and enjoy!


Five months ago I started sharing my poetry and other writings with the world. Today, with this 100th post I am introducing you to my amateur photography. I am in no way an expert when it comes to clicking pictures. But that does not stop me from doing so for I thoroughly enjoy it. I like having something to look at as well, as I remember those moments. Some may never get repeated and some may. Either way, I love capturing those moments. Hopefully you enjoy them as much.







P.S. I’ve started a new blog called NJClicks to showcase my photography. Henceforth, all the photographs that I’ve clicked will be posted there. Cheers and enjoy!

Book feature: Tea Breaks with the CEO



Enya’s life was like a bull in a China Shop. While she juggles with all the stress with her family and work, there comes cupid’s call and makes her fall in love with who she thinks is the perfect man God could have ever created. When Shailesh Nedungadi breaks her heart, she resolves never to fall in love again. But one heart break was not enough for her to stop herself from falling in love yet again. The stories she shares with her boss, Roshan Mandanna, over a tea break opens her heart to love again. And even though she resists it, she finds herself falling head over heels in love with Roshan.


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R. Nithya hails from a family of story tellers. She has had a passion for stories from a very young age and loves to live in a world of her own making. She is also passionate about cooking, eating and pets. She is the co-founder of a site for foodies called When she is not cooking, or eating or writing, she also works as a Freelance Marketing Consultant. She is married to an officer in the Indian Navy and currently resides in Vishakhapatnam, AP.


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