NaPoWriMo Day 30: Homophonic Translation

Un arbre et puis un arbre et puis
le froid

je ne veux plus que cet aveugle
me guide

comme on est seul
quand on marche depuis toujours

un arbre et puis
pas même un arbre, une distance

d’autres, je les aimais,
sont loin.


Enamour is phooey, enamour is phooey

Said Freud

Join a new play, case is as vocal

Me guide

Come on, you soul

Guard on, march defuse the show

Enamour is phooey

For meme enamour, you understand

Daughters, they are amaze

Not lying

© NJ

The poem for today’s prompt is called A Tree taken from this site.


NaPoWriMo Day 29: Travel Logs

I remember…

The first time I saw a leopard. He was gorgeous and just two years old and just a few feet away from me.

The first time I saw a Kingfisher fish for fish. It was spectacular and done within a blink.

The first time I saw a mama bear and her little cub. Wandering down hesitantly towards a water hole, the little cub holding on fiercely to its mother’s back, scurrying down as they reach the waterbed and quickly drinking water and scurrying right back on its mother’s back.

The first time I saw a shooting star. It was a dark blackened sky and just as I looked up; a streak of light flashed by.  It was one of the best travel moments ever.

The first time I touched snow. I was also clobbered with snowballs.

My first vacation. It was a week’s trip to Mauritius. With my sister. From then on, we went on vacations at least once a year.

Spending an entire month in the UK on a holiday. Each and every moment was worth it and there was never a dull moment.

Getting to see a White Peacock. It was my first sighting ever.

Watching a peacock dance and try and entice peahens but to no avail. I never knew that the back of those beautiful feathers were just as beautiful too.

Touching a snake. I don’t think I’ll ever want to again.

Experiencing the effects of a solar eclipse. It was eerie and yet exciting.

My first trek in Ladakh. Walking surrounded by tall mountains and getting to see mountain goats running up and down it.

Watching a tiger walk three feet away from the jeep we were in and being more in awe seeing that majestic beast than in fear.

Watching a lion’s chest go up and down as it breathed, exhausted in the heat.

Getting a chance to sail a boat for a few minutes. It was one of my most amazing moments.

© NJ

For today’s prompt, click here.

NaPoWriMo Day 28: Shadows

She awoke with a jerk

Something stirred

She froze


Black shadows

White shapes



Drooping eyes

Knocked out

Cold, exhausted

Flung on bed

© NJ

Image courtesy:-pixabay

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NaPoWriMo Day 27: The Art of Balancing

I used to love others more

From where my happiness would grow

I used to give them all I could

And never ask if they every would

But now I concentrate on me

The one who needs me desperately

The one I need to love the most

The one I need to give the most

There’ll be no compromises now

For I will not let her feel all low

For all my life I lived for others

And about myself I never bothered

I think it’s time I lived my life

The way I want to and love myself

I will not bend for anyone

And keep myself my number one

Don’t get me wrong I’m not being selfish

I’m just learning to fulfill my wish

I’ll start it out in a positive stride

And learn to be my own self guide

I will not fear of falling down

That’s how my feet are firm on the ground

I’ll be my strength, I’ll be my shoulder

To egg me on or to lean as a boulder

That doesn’t mean I don’t love others

I do, oh yes, I need them others

I’m just shifting my focus to manage

A beautiful way to love and balance

My love for others and myself too

To tend to their needs and my own too

They know I’m always there for them

It’s now for myself I’m doing the same


Did not follow today’s prompt. If you want to check it out though, click here.

NaPoWriMo Day 26: Where Art Thee, Billy?

Oh Billy! Billy!

Where art thee?

There he is hiding

Amongst bushes and trees

Oh Billy! Billy!

Where art thee?

There he is hiding

I must catch him before he flees

Oh Billy! Billy!

Where art thee?

There he is hiding

I see behind that big beech tree

Oh Billy! Billy!

Where art thee?

There he is hiding

I’ll hurry down and see

Oh Billy! Billy!

Where art thee?

There he is hiding

Oh no! He’s spotted me

Oh Billy! Billy!

Where art thee?

There he is hiding

But now he’s escaping




And he’s free.

© NJ

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NaPoWriMo Day 25: Life

I wandered lonely as a cloud

Head swimming in the deep blue sky

Thought bubbles sprout like darkened clouds

Taking away the moment in my mind’s eye

Of peace, of steadiness, of tranquillity

Of the assurance that life will always be fine

There are no guarantees, there never will be

It will strike like the thunder and lighting

Without a slightest warning and erupt

Into your soul, into your mind and body

Unless you strive, unless you endeavour

Unless you conquer the demons of your life

© NJ

For today’s prompt, click here. The first line was taken from William Wordsmith’s poem; I wandered lonely as a Cloud.

NaPoWriMo Day 24: Thank You, Christie

I was told you were good
And to give you a try
They were right, I was hooked
I couldn’t wait to buy

The memories I have
Of your first book I read
Fills me with warmth
Coz I used to dread

Every day of living,
life as a whole
But reading your books
Made me close the door

On negative thoughts
And instead focus
On the plots and twists
In every book I read

Post reading, I knew
That no matter what
Every book of yours
Will soon be bought

It took me long years
But I fulfilled my dream
And now I’m the proud owner
Of your entire collection

I wish I could have met you
And thank you in person
Coz it’s because of you
That I got hooked to reading.

© NJ

Image courtesy:-Googleimages

Written based on the prompt for 3rd April.

NaPoWriMo Day 23: Language of Hues

These special ones
Have a unique language
Each hue symbolising
Emotions, thoughts
Feelings, gestures
I love you reds
Friendly yellows
Love at first sight
Speaks lavender
Blooming white buds
Spreads compassion
Pretty pink ones
Shows admiration
Choosing is tough
Yet it is feasible
Pricey maybe all
But also priceless

© NJ

Image courtesy:- Iamnee/freedigitalphotos

This was written using the prompt for 8th April.

NaPoWriMo Day 22: Treasures of a Kind

We humans have just one place to live and we seem to be squandering it outright. No, I wouldn’t want to go live on another planet and destroy that too. Let’s clean up this home first and make it liveable, shall we?


 I don’t have diamonds

Of the hard rock kind

My diamonds are the stars.

I don’t have a treasure chest

Filled with golden coins

My treasure is the sun.

I don’t have fancy decorations

Of the silvery kind

My decorations are the flowers on trees.

I don’t have a palace

Of the royal kind

My palace is the earth.


Image courtesy:- Kittisak/

P.S. I have written so many poems regarding nature using various aspects that I couldn’t really think quick enough to jot down a new one for today’s prompt. For now, I’m tagging an old post. Will write for the prompt soon and put it up. Love and peace to all.

NaPoWriMo Day 21: Old Alone


When I’m old and when I’m grey

Will I be alone or will I share

My life, the remaining few years of mine

With someone I’ll proudly say he’s mine

Will I remember the days gone by

And tell stories of my husband and I

When, where and how we met

Why him and not anybody else

Will I look at pictures and smile at myself

Remembering the past and cherishing the days

Where we were young and having fun

Like a typical couple who’s in love

If I do then I have a wish

That we love each other and do cherish

Our moments and times spent together

And promise that we’ll never leave each other


Image courtesy:- Boykung/