Thank You

30 Days, 30 poems done. I am thrilled to the core for being able to do so. However, since I am travelling these next few days, I will not get to write the last poem based on the prompt. So instead I have written something which I’ve dedicated to NaPoWriMo.


I‘d like to thank NaPoWriMo

For giving a task I looked forward to

In which I wrote a poem a day

All April, from Monday to Sunday

I did sometimes follow their prompts

But there were times when I was stumped

So then I wrote my own poems

Instead of feeling bad and broken

I only feel proud of myself

For writing a poem everyday

Whether good or whether bad

At least I gave it some attempt

But now it’s coming to an end

I have mixed feelings within

For it gave me some motivation

To write lots more and better myself

It doesn’t mean that I’ll give up

I’ll continue to write lots more

I’ll look forward to the next year

And attack the challenge with full gear




Dwarf Star

Today is the 29th, the second last day of NaPoWriMo 2014… this is the prompt:- ‘Today I challenge you to find a news article, and to write a poem using (mostly, if not only) words from the article! You can repeat them, splice them, and rearrange them however you like. Although the vocabulary may be “just the facts,” your poem doesn’t have to be — it doesn’t even have to be about the subject of the news article itself.’


I’m a dwarf but I don’t belong to the seven

Dwarfs that are in the story of Snow White

I am not small like Happy or Dopey or Bashful

Instead I stand at three times the mass of Jupiter

I started my life like any other star in the sky

But I don’t have enough mass to sustain nuclear fusion

I am not hot like a desert in any kind of way

I am at minus 54 to minus 9 degrees Fahrenheit

I maybe chilly and cold, colder than the North Pole

But I am also called WISE J085510.83-071442.5 by the NASA people

I am so close enough that I have been discovered

But yet I’m around 7.2 light years away from the sun

I was discovered by WISE’s surveillance of the sky

Used not once but twice their infrared light

Why do they use these infrared red lights

Because I’m cool and stand out and it captures my glow

I am lucky in ways that scientists have found me

A way to discover the atmosphere of planets around

But despite my discovery and closeness to your solar system

I cannot be lived upon for I am way too cold to step on

Information courtesy:-


Alone till Death

Today’s prompt is similar to the very first prompt we’ve had. This is how it goes:- ‘Our early-bird prompt this year (on March 31) was an ekphrastic poem. This is something similar — a poem written from a photograph.’ We had the choice of using one of the four photographs that they gave us or we could choose one of our own. I opted for one of the four choices given by them.


Surrounded I was by green

Surrounded I was with trees

Surrounded I was by doors

But no soul walked in or out

Every single day I waited

Every single day I hoped

Every single day I prayed

Someone came along the way

I was so alone, I had no family

I was so alone, I had no friends

I was so alone and I felt so lonely

Till that became my companion

But not one uttered a word

But not one even cared

But not one came around

Until I was finally dead


Tigers – An Endangered Species

Every now and then I read and hear stories of how the number of tigers are declining at an alarming rate. It is not always bad news though. I do get to hear some good news of beautiful tiger cubs being sighted. But it still does not take away the fact that there are very few tigers that exist on our planet. Not just tigers, other animals too are killed for various reasons. I only hope that someday it’ll stop and they are left to live in peace…


He looks at you with big brown eyes

With razor sharp teeth like fangs of a snake

He tries with all his might to bite

Your hands, your legs or even your neck

He’s too small to be let out in the wild on his own

So you create a world that he can call home

You know it’s temporary, he knows it too

For that’s the bond that is shared by you two

He has to be fed every few hours

Trained and prepared for a life in the dark

You love him and wish you can keep him as a pet

But you know you can’t for someday you’ll regret

You wish that they could think like humans

I guess they are better off not knowing how

For we are the ones that are doing so

Wiping off their species before they can say no

They do us no harm unless we try to

Enter their space, their domain, their home

They do the same as we humans do

Protect their young ones just as we do

So why is it so hard for us to be?

Understanding and caring to those lovely beasts

We don’t have to pet them or keep them in a zoo

Just let them live in the wild on their own

 By destroying them we are destroying the earth

The place we call our home as I said before

So someday I hope we can see

That we all can live in harmony


Will Anyone See?

Today’s prompt asked us to write something called as an ‘Anaphora’. ‘Anaphora is a literary term for the practice of repeating certain words or phrases at the beginning of multiple clauses or, in the case of a poem, multiple lines. The phrase “A time to,” as used in the third Chapter of Ecclesiastes, is a good example of anaphora. But you don’t have to be the Old Testament (or a Byrds song) to use anaphora. Allen Ginsberg used it in Howl, for example. This post by Rebecca Hazelton on the Poetry Foundation’s blog gives other great examples of anaphora in action, from Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech to Homer Simpson. So today, I challenge you to write a poem that uses anaphora. Find a phrase, and stick with it — learn how far it can go.’ For this prompt too, I did not follow the prompt completely but here’s my attempt.

If I die, will anyone cry?

If I cry, will anyone try?

If I try, will anyone see?

The efforts I’m putting to be free

If I leave, will anyone look for me?

If I look, will anyone come to me?

If I come, will anyone see?

That I want to be a part of thee

If I speak, will anyone hear me?

If I hear, will anyone talk to me?

If I’m silent, will anyone see?

That I want someone to speak to me



Nature’s Masonry

This is the prompt for today:- ‘Peter Roberts has been participating in NaPoWriMo for several years now at his blog, Masonry Design. He has the charming and odd distinction of having only written poems about masonry. Today, I challenge you to do the same (for one day, at least), and to write a poem that features walls, bricks, stones, arches, or the like. If that sounds a bit hard, remember that one of Robert Frost’s most famous poems was about a wall.’ This time three years back (2011), my sister, a common friend and I were on a month long trip in the UK. On one of the best holidays I have ever been on, we travelled all over, right from Scotland to Northern Island to Wales and finally England. It was during this week that year, that we headed off to Belfast (Northern Island) to visit the Giant’s Causeway. Going through those pictures gave me an idea to write a poem for this prompt. It might not suit the prompt a hundred percent but it is related to the prompt. So here’s a sort of tribute to one of nature’s most wonderful place on earth.

3 Giant's Causeway, 27th April

These rocks and stones were joined along

They are not man-made but by nature’s force

It is said to be created by a volcanic activity

Years and years and million years ago

There are so many steps of heavenly delight

Nature’s own playground for people, alright

Around 40, 000 columns of pure enchantment

Most hexagonally made from interlocking basalt

Huge stepping stones they look from a distance

They continue on and on with firm persistence

Some of them tower at a height of 39 feet

They even create shapes like a camel or a giant’s gate

Some rocks are friendly and have many sides

Others have a weathered looking ‘giant’s eye’

Legend has a tale to describe these very columns

That a giant built it, each and every column

They are so close knit that you cannot even try

To pry them away from each other even with a knife

The rocks are friendly to nature’s beloved greenery

They live with grass and flowers in perfect harmony

These thousands of columns are a world wonder

It’s best to protect them and leave it (un) bothered



The prompt for today is called the ‘homophonic translation’. ‘Find a poem in a language you don’t know, and translate it into English based on the look of the words and their sounds.’ Going as per the prompt the poem I chose:- 

On Est Petits by Claude Esteban

On est petits, disais-tu, si petits que la mort
va nous oubliercomme tu parlais bien sur la lande, je finissais
par te croire, le fouj’imaginais la mort comme une mère
qui nous accueilleet qui veut qu’on s’endorme enfin, mais
tu n’étais que le fou

tu confondais merveilleusement
les signes, moi

j’étais sur le bord du vide,

My translation for it is as follows:-

Honest people they say so, say people ‘kill them all’

Why no believe them all

Come to Parle as soon as you’ve landed, you finish

The party, you fool

I imagined your mother calling you a mare

What an accusation

I quickly say to your mom ‘end it finally’, I

Cannot take it anymore

 To be confident he’s your amusement,

Is silly, you know

 I’m sure you’re bored out of your mind,

I understand



‘Today, I challenge you to write a poem for children. This could be in the style of a nursery rhyme, or take a cue from Edward Lear or Shel Silverstein. It could rhyme — or not. It could be short — or not.’ – so said the prompt at NaPoWriMo. The poem I wrote is dedicated to one of the most adorable and amazing five year old I have ever met. He is the son of one of my best friends (yes, I am lucky to have more than one) and I love that little kid so very much. So this is for you, kiddo:-

I love cars so very much

I see them everywhere

Someday when I’m all grown up

I’ll drive them everyday

You see I’m just a little kid

I don’t know how to drive

But when I’m in my dada’s car

I so wish I could try

I love them cars in every form

Be it big or be it small

I still can’t reach the pedal stick

You see I’m not that tall

I have a dream of owning one

This big, huge Audi car

In which I drive my folks around

Make them feel like superstars


A Promise

Today I skipped the prompt and put up something else instead. This is a sort of dedication to a friend of mine, a friend who has been my best friend for more than 20 years now. We’ve known each other practically our whole lives and have grown up with each other through all the happy moments and tough ones too. But we never gave up on our friendship which has at times gone through various tests too. But we battled through all of it and are still going stronger than ever. I can go on and on about her and our friendship… and I will. In another post, but for now… this poem is for her.

It’s been more than 20 years

Since we’ve known each other

At times when I think about it

It feels so very much longer

Sometimes we’ve had our silly fights

For which I’ve often wondered why

The reason for those funny times

Where we’d end up laughing those nights

Though distance took us far apart

To grow into what we are today

We made sure that the same distance

Didn’t break our friendship in any way

As we grew up we began to understand

What friendship is and where we stand

We knew we would be friends forever

Not close or good but best friends forever

Now times have changed and here we are today

To fulfil the many roles of life as one says

So let’s promise each other no matter what

We’ll stay best friends in each and every way


Who Am I?

Today we had to write a poem in the voice of a member of our family. It goes:- ‘This can be a good way to try to distance yourself from your own experience, without reaching so far away from your own life that it’s hard to come up with specific, realistic details. But watch out! This type of exercise can also dredge up a lot of feelings. So if you think writing in the voice of your grandfather will be too heavy, maybe try the voice of your four-year-old niece. Four-year-old problems might be a little lighter in scope.’ I deviated a bit from the prompt and didn’t write it from a family person’s point of view. It’s more from everyone’s point of view. Here goes:-

I stare into the mirror for a very long time

Trying to figure out what’s deep inside

What mind, that heart, that soul that body

The package that makes me a unique somebody

The things I learned as a child to grow

The good, the bad, the highs and the lows

They’re part of me but how did I know

What to hold on and what to let go?

What makes me laugh, what makes me cry

What makes me fight and reach for the sky

What makes me dumb, what cheers me up

What makes this me the person I am

I could go on with the questions galore

But the answers to those I only will know

By exploring myself inside and out

And doing this daily without a doubt

So to answer the question of ‘Who Am I’

I only can tell you as time goes by

I figure and learn and probe myself

In the hopes that someday I know myself