Be You

You are you

You were born to be you

So why try to be

anyone else but you?

There will be no one like you

because you were made

for the sole purpose

of being you

So stop denying yourself

your own uniqueness

Accept and embrace it

and show the world

your wonderful you

© NJ

Image courtesy:- Pixabay

In response to Jacqueline’s Thinking Corner


Never Give Up

As the day ends with the sunset
let the past go and hit reset
I admit it is hard, but then
who has lived without scars
Sleep off the troubles
as much as you can
And wake up refreshed
with a new game plan
Tackle the obstacles
that come in your way
Does not matter if you
falter or even fail
What’s important is
that you get up
And show those demons
what you are made of

© NJ

Image courtesy:- Pixabay

Written in response to Jacqueline’s Thinking Corner.

Live… before it’s too late

One heart beats tirelessly

a life into you daily

It does not stop until

it’s time to say goodbye

Return the favour

Live life with vigour

Do not let its sole

purpose be lost


© NJ

Written for Jacqueline’s Thinking Corner.

Image courtesy:- Pixabay

P.S. I hope I’ve linked this right, Jacqueline.