Pepper the World

Take a large bottle and fill it with

love, compassion, kindness, gentleness

forgiveness, warmth, happiness

joy, beauty, sensitivity

goodwill, affection, empathy

humanity, understanding, serenity


and pepper it all over the world

I don’t see how this wouldn’t​ make

the world a better place.


Image courtesy:- Pixabay.

In response to dVerse’s Quadrille: Pepper.


54 thoughts on “Pepper the World

  1. Well, your closing was a punch line. Almost all commenters seemed to miss it , or felt you were being cynical. Or was it a typo.
    Well, or is it like cooking where once a dish has a certain flavor , you can throw all sorts of other spices in and not fix it.
    So, throw all that wonder all over but if injustice, suffering and much more has flavored the pot, those wonderful emotions won’t touch it. Some radicals think that is true and feel only violence will really correct things. You leave stuff open here. Well, except in your comments you take the normal niceness route.


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