Crackle and Boom

With a crackle and a boom

the blackness begins to slither in

edging out the sun and its sunshine.

White clouds are thrust away

as the dark clouds dominate the sky.

Winds howl in fury, torrential rains commence

the king of downpours has arrived.


In response to dVerse’s Quadrille 34: Storm

Image courtesy:- Pixabay.



36 thoughts on “Crackle and Boom

    1. You are welcome anytime, Davy 🙂 I’m chicken in that sense. Ever since I was a child I’ve been frightened of thunder. I can’t take sudden loud noises very well. Every pre and post monsoon I prepare myself for that loud booming sound. Low rumbles are fine. But those massive cracking booms and my heart is thudding like mad. The minute I hear loud rumbles, I sit with my ears shut 🙉🙉

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  1. Really loved this post and the subject! I love lightening and thunder! Something so majestic and awe inspiring??
    Lovely style!
    Thank You so much for coming to visit me. I hope that You find my words worthy of Your time!!!
    The Reluctant Poet

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