X for Xuixo


Finding a dessert that starts with an X was a hard task. I did not realise they weren’t any desserts that start with the letter X! This one took me forever to find. Boy, am I glad I did. Else I would be in an awkward position.

It goes without saying that I have neither eaten nor baked this one. What is Xuixo do you ask? Well, I had to google it myself so here’s what I found.

Xuixo, also known as Xuxo or Suso is a pastry from the city of Girona, Spain. It looks similar to a croissant. But with Xuixo, it is a cream catalana filled pastry that is deep fried and then covered with sugar.

Just like croissants, this too is often had for breakfast with a cup of tea.

Legend says that this pastry was created in a pastry shop that was owned by one Emili Puig. He was shown how to make a cream filled pastry and that was his inspiration for Xuixo.

This delightful pastry is common in popular not only in Girona but also in neighbouring parts of Spain too. At one point, it was one of the most demanded pastries. Now, they are served with a chocolate icing too.


Image and information courtesy:- Wikipedia.


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