V for Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream with Gajar ka Halwa

Whoever first invented no churn ice creams was a godsend. Without him/her/them, making ice cream wouldn’t have been so easy.

A couple of weeks ago, my parents came down for a visit and stayed for a week. Apart from feeding them like mad, we also ensured that there was something sweet to eat after every meal. Nothing too big or fancy. Just single serve bite sized treats. Two days before they were leaving, I decided to make some ice cream and my sister decided to make an Indian sweet dish called Gajar ka Halwa. I’ve never tried that combination before but I have heard that it’s supposed to be really good. We, of course, had the option of eating them separately!

It’s peak summer in India right now. Temperatures are 40degreesC and above (and climbing). So we thought ‘what better dessert than ice cream on a hot summer day?’

Ice cream is one of my weaknesses. That’s one dessert I really love. I don’t know if this was a true story or not, but when I was a kid, whenever we (my family) had ice cream I would do two things.

One is, I would chew the ice cream. Now, I’m sure you’re thinking that there’s nothing wrong in that. Ice cream could have chunks of fruits or nuts or even chocolate chips etc. but no, my dear readers, the ice creams we ate had none of those. And yet, I would chew it. Don’t ask me why or how or any other similar questions. I just did.

Second thing that I would do is to finish off my scoop as soon as possible and then go around asking my family members for more. The funny thing was that I wanted the extra from their plates. I didn’t want my mum or my dad putting another scoop for me. Nope. I wanted it from their plates. I did this quite a few times so from then on they would just add extra on their plates knowing I’d be doing the ‘rounds’.

Of course, now I’m glad I make my own ice cream!



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