T for Tiramisu

I’m not a coffee person. And Tiramisu has coffee.

When I was in college, I was completely averse to coffee. No coffee drink. No coffee flavoured toffee. No coffee flavoured dessert. Absolutely nothing that had coffee in it. Strangely enough, I loved the aroma (still do) of coffee. Even stranger was the fact that I come from a coffee town. My native is in the South of India so people always assumed that I’d like coffee. Actually strike that. They assumed I’d love coffee. Even the city that I grew up in is a huge coffee fan. But me? Nah. I’m a tea person.

All my friends would swoon over Tiramisu and tell me that I had to try it. I would not my head and hmmm and hawww about it but I never ventured there. Years later, at a friend’s birthday lunch celebration we ordered a slice of Tiramisu and that was my first tryst with it. To say that I love it would probably be an understatement. That’s when I figured out that I’m not averse to the flavour as such but as to the concentration of coffee. If it’s too coffee-ish then I can’t take that. But a lightly coffee flavoured treat is not a problem anymore. Heck, I even drink coffee! Again, not the strong versions but the lighter ones. That too, once in a blue moon. Actually the blue moon might occur more frequently but you get the picture.


Image courtesy:- Pixabay.


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