S for Sugar Cookies

I’ve always wanted to bake sugar cookies and even more so to decorate them. It is just so much fun! You don’t have to follow any rules when it comes to decorating. Make your own designs and choose your own colours etc. I’ve always wondered why they were called Sugar Cookies. But after we made it and judging by the amount of sugar that was used for the cookies and the icing, I think I do. It may not be the actually reason as to why they are called so but I’m going to go with this one.

Recently a friend of mine shipped her stock of baking ingredients to me since she was moving to another city and would not be baking there. My sister and I were in awe with the amount of icing sugar that was sent. But, three months down, and we finished it all off. Majority of it being used for the cookies.

Here, it’s hard to courier baked goodies. You need to find a really good courier service that will do so. I finally found one nearby who couriers them  as long they do not have any cream or anything that will melt off in the package. I took that as a blessing and thought that the least I could do for my friends is send them cookies. Just sending pictures of the goodies I baked weren’t enough. LOL.

I had once baked Chocolate Cupcakes for my friends and given them when we all met up. One of my friend’s son loved them. Ever since, he would request that I bake cupcakes for him. Unfortunately, when you’re living in another city, it’s not that easy. So when I learned that I could send cookies, I did not even hesitate. I made an entire batch (it made around 75 cookies) and shipped them off to him as a surprise for his birthday.

He’s still enjoying them.



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