R for Red Velvet Cake

Some time ago my friend mentioned that people in her city are crazy fans of the Red Velvet. Be it cakes or cupcakes. They thought the cake had some magical ingredient that makes it so red and pretty. She crushed their hopes by telling them that the ‘red’ from the cake simply came from using the colour RED. They, of course, were shocked and couldn’t believe her.

Not taking away anything from the cake, Red Velvet cakes are really pretty. Of course, they taste good too. I mean it has cocoa. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING tastes better with cocoa. It’s chocolate, for crying out loud!

But I do sort of get why they go gaga over it. I mean, when we baked it for the first time, we were excited as well. The red in the cake stands out so well and then you have the fluffy white cream cheese frosting that’s a perfect match for the dark redness of the cake. Unfortunately, I don’t have a great picture of the one we baked so I won’t upload those.

The fun part about using colours is that you can use whichever colour you want. I have been noticing on quite a few recipe sites/blogs where people are now making Green Velvet cakes too.

So, really, it’s just a chocolate cake with the colour of your choice.


Image courtesy:- Pixabay.


14 thoughts on “R for Red Velvet Cake

    1. I don’t know about the smell part. But yeah, sometimes beetroot juice is added to give that colour. I just prefer adding actual colour 😁 If I tell people I’m giving them beetroot cake, they’ll think I’m nuts (which I am)😁


    2. Oh yeah beetroot juice could be used as a substitute if people are hesitant to use synthetic color. Sometimes it does not give the rich red color though. Also the smell. Yeah. It does smell a bit like beetroot jam but it is damn yummy with creamcheese frosting

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  1. I made a red velvet cake for my mother’s birthday once. It was fun. I had to literally fight with my brother to get a few pieces! After reading this, I think I might bake it again… Soon! I read somewhere that red velvet cakes were first made during the World War times. The ingredients, especially cocoa were rationed. So that didn’t leave much to bake a cake. So to make up for the less cocoa powder, they added the red colour. Probably so that the cake wouldn’t look so pale (due to the minor amount of cocoa!)

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