Q for Quick Bread

Lemon Bread with Lemon Syrup

Quick breads are usually breads that are made without yeast. It is generally made using ingredients like baking powder/baking soda to help that rising factor. The rising happens while it is baking as opposed to yeast breads that rise before baking.

The best part about quick breads are that they don’t require any kneading, they are incredibly fast and easy to bake and once again can be the ideal gift for birthdays or small family dinner parties etc.

The Lemon Bread that I made was just simply fantastic. Who knew that lemons could make such fantastic desserts, right? Topped with some sticky sweet lemon syrup and it gives you the perfect tang to the sweetness of the bread.

The various kinds and combinations available are humongous. Just look up Banana Bread or Lemon Bread, or even Pumpkin Bread and you’ll see that they are indeed suitable to the name Quick Breads.



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