O for Oatmeal Cookies

Are oatmeal cookies considered healthy? Or relatively healthy? Well, no matter, I love them. There’s something about the chewiness that I really like. Considering I like oats, I don’t have an issue with Oatmeal Cookies. But I have come across people who go, “eww, oatmeal” and turn their noses at it. The more for me, eh?

Now I know there are various kinds of oats available. But I prefer to bake with quick cooking oats. Especially since it’s hard to find any other kind in this city. Add a few crunchy nuts like almonds or cashews or even pistachios and you’ve got yourself a crunchy chewy combo of a cookie.

Baking cookies take a long time. I’m not talking about the dough preparation or the baking time. It’s the “oh, I don’t have a large oven and I can only place six cookie dough balls on a tray and just that one tray in the oven at the time” thing. Yup, that’s exactly how it is for me. It takes hours to bake them but honestly, there’s not a single second that I’m unhappy about it.


Image courtesy:-Pixabay.

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