M for Meringues

Every Christmas we’ve wanted to bake meringues. But somehow we never got to it. Last year, we decided come hell or high water, we WILL bake them. And we did. Baking meringues is easy. But also tricky. And it takes a loooong time to bake. But if you’ve got it right; they are PERFECT!

You need to be extremely careful with separating the egg white from the yolk. A spot of yolk in the egg white and damn! You have to start all over again. For this reason alone, we separate them into two different bowls and then add the white (after making sure there’s not even a spot of egg yolk) to the main bowl. No matter how I feel, I always get excited whisking egg whites. The way they fluff up and become so airy and white and look like a mountain covered with lots of snow. Sigh!

Meringues too are a good gifting idea. And of course, the flavours and colours that can be used are uncountable. Oh and the variations in shapes. Last but not least, Lemon Meringue Pie… okay, I need to bake. Off I go…..


P.S. Wishing everyone a Happy Easter 😊


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