L for Lemon Cake with Lemon Curd and Lemon Frosting

The recipe title sure has the word lemon all over.

Every year I would ask my sister what would she like me to bake for her birthday and that is what I would bake. One year she went on about wanting to bake a really nice Lemon Cake. So that year, I skipped asking her and decided to bake just that. Now, I’ve never baked a lemon cake before. My sister had but it turned out okay-ish and she was itching to find a good recipe. She was insistent on wanting to bake a better Lemon Cake again.

So, I decided to make sure that I take a fool proof recipe from a trusted site and bake it. The baking part was easy. The preparations were rolled over three days so that I got everything right. Now this wasn’t a simple Lemon Loaf cake with a bit of lemon drizzle. This was the whole shebang! I took my time, prepared things in advance (like the lemon curd and the main cake) and kept calm throughout the whole process.

Did it turn out a success? Hell, yeah! Not in terms of looks though. The one on the site was far prettier than the one I had made but it tasted perfect.

How do I know? Well, my sister ate a quarter of the cake even before she blew out the candles out properly! And, one of her ex-colleague (who does not like citrus flavoured desserts) took second helpings. Of course, I was ever so glad to have made it. I’ve never made it again simply because every year I like to choose a new recipe when it comes to baking a birthday cake for my sister.

But maybe, someday….you never know 😉



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