J for Jam Cookies

When I was a kid, we used to get these jam filled cream cookies and they were my favourite cookies at that time. Just like any other kid, I would open the cookies, lick the cream (strawberry) off, gobble the lower half of the biscuit, eat around the jam of the top half of the biscuit and leave just enough of it surrounding the jam part and have that at the end. Never did I just bite into it straightaway. I mean, come on! Who does that with a cream cookie? I haven’t had those cookies for a long time now. I don’t even think those particular ones are available anymore. I have seen other jam cookies but none like those.

After getting the hang of baking, we ventured into the cookie baking world too. Chocolate chip cookies were of course the delight but we wanted to try new things and to steer into non-chocolate categories. And so, jam cookies. They turned out pretty well for a first attempt and that’s always a high fiver with me.



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