I for Ice Cream Cake

I’ve had ice cream cake just once. It was way back in college and it was a friend’s 18th birthday. I remember going with her to the bakery to collect the cake. It was peak summer and the weather was frightfully hot. The bakery wasn’t far from her place. But by the time we collected the cake and returned to her place the cake was literally melting in her hands. And anyone who resides in Mumbai knows how easily ice cream melts in summer.

Ice cream cakes during those times were a biggie.  It was the ‘in’ thing in terms of birthday cakes. Of course you need to make sure you have made preparations to ensure you don’t have a melting vanilla soup in place of the cake.

Have I made one? No, not yet. But from what I’ve read, it’s incredibly easy and simple to make. Only thing is you need to be patient. A lot of work is done by your freezer which means you’d need to make sure you have ample space in there. As for flavours and combinations, you can go with whatever you feel like.


Image courtesy:- Google


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