G for Gelato



Whenever the word Gelato pops up, I remember the minion squealing ‘ooh, gelato’ and well, getting stuck to it. It doesn’t help when I have a loony friend who squeals ‘picatoooo’ every time I threaten to squish (my version of a hug) her.

But on a hot summer day, licking a cold, cold gelato would be the definition of perfection. And ice cream is my weakness. Yes, I know gelato is not exactly ice cream but it is from the same family.

I always thought making ice cream would be hard what with needing an ice cream machine and what not. But thanks to the people who came up with no churn ice creams, I now make ice cream too! It is quite easy but also a little tricky. It’s not that hard to end up with a clunky mess or worse, icicles instead of ice cream.

Chocolate Tart with Pomegranate Ice Cream


GIF courtesy:- Google


18 thoughts on “G for Gelato

    1. Hahaha, I always have that image in my head especially since there’s a friend of mine who squeaks just like that😂😂😂 And thank you.


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