B for Brownies

Ah, yes! Our first time baking. By the way, when I say ‘we’, I mean my sister and I. Getting back to B, when we first decided to start baking, Brownies were the safest option. You can’t go wrong with chocolate, right? Indeed you can’t. The first time I had brownies was at a café. I fell in love with it. Now, brownies are the common thing. You go to any café or restaurant and brownies are pretty much on the menu. But, believe it or not, there are the bad kinds too which just taste awful.

It was in 2008 that we ventured into baking. Started off on the safe side with brownies and chocolate cupcakes. Thankfully, both turned out perfect! We topped it with some vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and some additional walnuts and…. *transports into brownie-land*

And the plus side is that brownies are the perfect gift and it’s extremely easy and quick to bake. You just cannot go wrong with them.

Now, I’ve started experimenting with flavours and what not 😉



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