Seven Facts About Me

I prefer an award free blog but my good friend Jade at JadeMWong tagged me with the Versatile Blogger Award. So in spite of not a ccepting the award (please don’t be mad at me, Jade!) I thought I’d jot down seven facts about me anyway. I had to think a bit since I recently participated in the BlueSkytag too!

Seven facts:-

I’m a chatterbox.  BUT, I can only talk (a lot) to people I’m comfortable with. So there are actually only a handful that I talk a lot with. Most importantly, it needs to be a two way conversation. No way in hell can I carry the conversation. Otherwise, I’m mostly a listener and to be very honest, I prefer listening to talking.

I’m a fast reader. I can finish off a book in a day. Very often, I do.

I’m ambidextrous. I’m a born left-handed woman but I was made to do stuff using my right hand. So I write with my right hand but things like cutting things or throwing a ball – done with the left hand.

I love to draw. It’s a different story that I’m not great at it. But yeah, I love to sketch or draw things.

If I really like an author, I tend to read almost all their books. And if I love them like crazy, then I end up buying the entire collection.

I enjoy birdwatching. Every single day, right outside my bedroom window, I get to hear all kinds of twittering tunes from so many different birds that I’m practically standing near the window with my camera on.

And lastly….

I’m a nature person through and through. I’ll take a walk in a park or on the beach any day. So I’m not into all the ‘action packed’ stuff like bungee jumping and sky diving and what not. Mainly because I end up feeling queasy.

There you go!

If you’re interested in the award, feel free to click here.


20 thoughts on “Seven Facts About Me

  1. We are so much alike 😀😀
    Chatterbox – ✔
    Fast reader – ✔ (I once finished a book -dead man’s folly in record 4hrs 😀I was pretty bored and I was on a train journey from Bangalore to Chennai, 6hrs journey)
    If I really like a author, I too read all their books. 😀😀
    Nature person – ✔
    I can’t draw well but I am pretty good at painting 😀

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    1. OMG! It’s like we’re twins or something 😀 This is so so cool! You’re talking about Dead Man’s Folly by Agatha Christie, right? Are you an AC fan too? Coz I just love her ❤ ❤ Unfortunately, I can't read while in a moving vehicle. I suffer from motion sickness so reading while travelling is out for me. And, that sucks big time! All those hours that I could read… 😦 😦
      You paint? That's awesome. I paint as well but again, nothing great 😀


      1. Yes. Agatha Christie. 😀 I finished reading almost all her books. Similarly I have finished David Baldacci, Lee child, Ken Follett, Catherine Coulter. And now I am almost done with all books by Coelho. 😀😀
        I do oil on canvas 😀😀

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      2. 😀😀😀 which month were you born in? I just celebrated my birthday last Monday 😀
        Definitely twins 😀😀😀
        I watched all Agatha Christie TV series too – Poirot,miss Marple, Tommy and tuppence. 🙂

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      3. Oh! Belated happy birthday ❤️❤️❤️ I celebrated my birthday a couple of months ago (February). I haven’t watched all the Agatha Christie series. Just a few.


      4. I like Poirot and Miss Maple (the pussy of all pussies as mentioned in A Murder is Announced) 😂 I love the Poirot and Hastings combo too. Poor Hastings just gets it all wrong 😂


      5. Haha. Yes. Hastings and poirot are similar to Watson and Sherlock.
        Poirot’s last case as TV series is a must watch. Emotional but the best of all 🙂 I liked monogram murders too, but it’s a bit too lengthy.

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      6. Monogram murders book was released few years ago. Christie book only, but written by Sophie Hannah.
        We have cable connection but I prefer watching all tv series and movies through Amazon prime. 😀 I just watched the latest movie -ghazi attack. 🙂

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      7. Oh yes! I have heard of her. Just didn’t recollect 😁 All TV series and movies are mostly on Netflix for me. Unless of course it’s in an actual theatre 😉


    1. Oh so do I. I have quite a few unread books too and I continue to buy more. There can never be enough books to read 😁 I’m sure you’ll get to your stack soon.


  2. YAY! nice to know more about you NJ!!!!! we are the same with the loving the authors (though i got no budget for buying their books haha) but i read all of their works. (atleast i try). and the ambidextrous part is cooool! ❤

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