A to Z Theme Reveal

One more day and the A to Z challenge begins. This is my first year participating and I am so thrilled! I have heard about how exciting it could be and thought that I should give it a shot too. Now, there’s something called as Theme Reveal for the challenge where you reveal the topic on which you’re going to write for the whole month of April. The topic that I’ve chosen for the challenge is DESSERTS.

People who know me know how much I enjoy baking. It’s one of my most favourite activities to do when I’m stressed or feeling low or even all bright and happy.

Anyway, it happened​ to be that I was baking while I was thinking about a topic for this challenge and it dawned upon me to list down all the desserts I’ve eaten. And I realised that I cover every letter possible! I was actually thinking of all the desserts I’ve baked but it didn’t cover all the 26 letters. YET 😀 Maybe next year? 😉

So that’s my theme. I’ll write about all the desserts I’ve eaten (even made) and my experiences with them.

What about you? Are you participating in the challenge? Please do. It’s not stressful at all. It’s actually loads of fun and you’ll get to meet a lot more people around. So I hope you are all willing to hop onto the A to Z challenge train. Here’s to a fun filled April!


8 thoughts on “A to Z Theme Reveal

    1. Yay! This is exciting. Can’t wait to read your posts too. And thank you 😁 I’m looking forward to writing about it too. I’m going to be drooling all over just thinking about desserts 😂😂


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