Reunited Someday

Our friendship is a distant memory

Connected by a barely visible thread

Yet we hold on tight to it, not letting go

Left alone, we are lost in our own thoughts

More formal now than friendly, we barely talk

We find comfort in the company of others

But when it comes to just the two of us

The comfort and ease exists no more

We lost a lot to keep the friendship intact

As a result we flutter and hesitate

Not knowing what to say anymore

In spite of it all, our friendship goes on

We care and respect each other

Even more than we used to before

Time spent now may not be as often as we liked




I guess someday when we’re old and grey

We’ll sit by a river and talk about the good old days.


Image courtesy:- Pixabay.

For dVerse’s Open Link Night.


29 thoughts on “Reunited Someday

      1. Yes, it is. But our friendship is going strong and that’s all matters 🙂 I’m absolutely fine but I’ll never say no to hugs 😁😊😘

        Liked by 1 person

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