Bleeding Heart

Sunshine yellowy heart of mine

Glowed bright but I never realised

The clash of the splash of colours inside

Would bleed and break, just amber and red

Your words at first were taken in calm

Like the waves at sea without the storm

I waited in silence for the storm to arrive

And destroy the calm I had inside

It never appeared, it never arrived

Instead I was battered with words

That made my heart bleed and die

It was revived again, and again and again

With every word that felt like a

Knife being plunged in

Only to dry the blood to a brownish stain

That ensured the scars will always remain


Image courtesy:- Pixabay.

In response to dVerse’s prompt.


37 thoughts on “Bleeding Heart

      1. Aww, at least you’ve been writing. I’m struggling with that too 🙁 Maybe I’ll hop onto Instagram as well. Then I’ll get to read your words there too☺️

        Liked by 1 person

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