Bumping into Love

Time stood still

as they walked down

memory lane of

their first meet cute

Although fictional in definition

Their meeting was real

Bumping into each other

quite literally, in a store

apologising profusely

Not knowing fate has set

their future together

Bumped and forgotten

life went on

Until a few weeks later

they bumped into each other again

This time recognising

they spoke a few words

ending with numbers exchanged

and a tentative coffee someday

Couple of weeks later

they bumped into each other again

 This time they headed for coffee

and thus their love story began…

© NJ

In response to dVerse’s prompt.



31 thoughts on “Bumping into Love

  1. I LOVE it!! Gives this old heart a spark of romantic hope–and that rarely happens anymore 🙂 There have been a number of movies with this theme–the bumping into each other and finding love; I guess it does happen ❤ Blessings to you.

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    1. Nowadays love seem to happen in ‘blink and miss’ way so I wanted to make it more realistic 🙂 I hope it happens to people in reality.
      Thank you so much and sending love and best wishes to you too ❤


      1. Oh your words are just so lovely, a balm to my soul 🙂 God will put us in the right place, to meet the right person–if that’s our desire and His good plan for us ❤ I'm quite content being solitary…although there are times when I could use some practical help; but I'm not ready to pray for a husband at my age (64, not young and pretty anymore)… God can do interesting things, though, like changing hearts, so…guess we'll see 🙂 Wishing you all good things too! ❤

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