Time to Bloom

Day 18 (prompt): Meaning by Gavin DeGraw

You are given life to live

till it’s time for death to give

The final blow to end it all

The final goodbye to one and all

But neither life nor death is important

If the time spent in-between is unimportant

to you. So get up from that chair

and take a deep breath of air,

focus on your dreams

before they and you, run out of steam.

© NJ

Image courtesy:- Pixabay

Posted for the November Notes challenge, hosted by two awesome writers, Rosema at A Reading Writer, and Sarah Doughty at Heartstring Eulogies.

P.S. Apologies for the late post. Instead of scheduling it, I ended up saving it as a draft and as a result it did not get published on the 18th of November.


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