A Better Half’s Wish

Since I’ve been struggling to write for a really, REALLY long time, I thought why not put up an old poem that I wrote a few years back. It’s kinda perfect for today’s Monday Morning Notes.


Sometimes I wish I had someone

Whom I could call my only one

The one who loves me the most

The one who’ll say ‘without you I’m lost’

Someone who can’t wait to be with me

To hold, kiss or just cuddle with me

Someone who dies to talk to me

Whose life would be empty without me

Someone with whom I could start my days

By hugging and kissing everyday

Returning back to that special one

And feel my life has just begun

Someone who’ll say ‘you’re my only one

That I adore, cherish, and truly love’

Someone who’ll say ‘I want to be with you

For without you I’ll just be blue’

But most of all I wish in my heart

For someone who’ll say ‘you’re in my heart’

Without whom I will not survive

Without whom I will just die

Image courtesy:- Pixabay

Posted for the MondayMorningMelts challenge, hosted by two awesome writers, Rosema at A Reading Writer, and Jade M Wong at JadeMWong.



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