Gone in a Flash

Day 5 (Prompt): Criminal by Fiona Apple

Holding a cushion against her stomach

A smile spread across her face

‘I’m a mama’, she whispered to herself

And let the happiness soak her in


Fast-forward to a few months later

She holds her stomach and scrunches her eyes

‘I’m sorry,’ she whispered to the emptiness

Your father didn’t want a girl child

© NJ

Image courtesy: Pixabay

Recently I read a short article about how a husband got his wife to abort their child just because the child was a girl. No other reason. Just that. The article was barely a paragraph but it caught my eye. I can’t help but be appalled at the whole thing. Why? Why in the age of all these hep technological stuff and so called broad mindedness and what not, can’t we stop this monstrosity? Is having a girl child bad? Are girls not human enough? Don’t they have a right to live? For a girl who underwent the whole emotional trauma of being bombarded with sarcastic “our family wanted a son” comments, articles like these hit me hard. Wishing for a boy is different. I’m sure every family goes through wanting a son and a daughter. Or maybe just boys. Or maybe just girls. That’s okay. That’s normal. They don’t go around killing their child because it wasn’t the ‘right’ sex. They are equally joyous no matter whether the baby is a boy or a girl. As long as the child is healthy. But killing a child just because she’s a girl… THAT’S NOT OKAY!! It is NEVER okay.

Posted for the November Notes challenge, hosted by two awesome writers, Rosema at A Reading Writer, and Sarah Doughty at Heartstring Eulogies.


15 thoughts on “Gone in a Flash

      1. Both. Girl child is often considered a shame and valueless. I have read so many articles on how new born babies are abandoned just because they’re girls. It’s really sad. Even thought the situation is improving, it’s agonisingly slow.

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