Paradise Lost

Day 3 (prompt): The Other Side of Paradise by Glass Animals

She hummed as she gently whipped the cream waiting for it to become fluffy and form beautiful peaks. She smiled thinking of the reactions she would get from her husband once he’d see the surprise cake she was baking for him. It’s his birthday, after all.

As the cream began to reach its perfect state, she switched the whisk off and gently began to spread some of it on the cake. Soon the cake was covered in cream and she looked at it with pure joy on her face. She wanted the cake to be perfect. As she started to decorate the cake, she remembered the times she used to bake. People went nuts over her cakes. She was the star. Even her husband’s friends would be in awe of her cakes. They loved the way her cakes looked and just gorged on them whenever they could. They would often tease her husband for how lucky he was to be married to someone who not only cooked delicious food but also baked scrumptious cakes. He couldn’t cook to save his life.

She laughed as she remembered all the teasing, taking her mind all the way back to their courting days and finally their wedding day. It was all perfect. They were in love, people were envious of their love, the bride and groom looked great together… it was indeed the perfect wedding. She remembered saying to herself “this is heaven. This is pure heaven.”


She sat near the edge of the bed and clutched her knees close to her body. She gently rocked back and forth and stared into space. She didn’t blink for a long time. She just stared. The letter lay next to her. Her hands trembled as she took the letter in her hand once again and read through it. Aloud this time.

Dear Ma’am,

We regret to inform you that your husband’s body was found in a ditch on a street corner not far from here.  We found his identification card in his wallet.  

For further assistance, please call….

Yours sincerely,


She turned the letter over and over and thought, “This can’t be it. This can’t be all the information. How do they know that it is indeed my husband? Just a wallet doesn’t prove anything! Somebody could have stolen it! And what ditch? What street? Why no contact number? What happened?! There’s nothing on this! Absolutely no information! Who sends something so….so…”

She couldn’t find the words. She refused to let fear and panic take over her. The tears filling her eyes began to overflow onto her cheeks as she brushed them off her face. “No, I will not cry. This is crazy. This can’t be true. It’s NOT TRUE.”

She kept repeating the words over and over again. She got up unsteadily and didn’t know what to do. Should she call someone? A friend? A family member? The police? The hospital? “No! It’s not true. He will come home. He will come to me. He has to. He…he just… just has to. He… can’t leave me…can’t leave me alone like this. He can’t… I’ll…I’ll just call him. It’ll be fine.”

She grabbed her phone and dialled her husband’s number. It was switched off. The fear and panic was now winning against her refusal. She paced around the room trying her husband’s cell multiple times. But she heard the same message. It was switched off. Her heart was now banging against her ribcage.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. She threw her phone on the bed and ran to the door. She didn’t even bother to peek through the peephole. She opened the door, ready to fall into the arms of the man she loved. But instead, standing in front of her was a policeman. And she knew; heaven would never be the same again….

© NJ

Image courtesy: Pixabay

Posted for the November Notes challenge, hosted by two awesome writers, Rosema at A Reading Writer, and Sarah Doughty at Heartstring Eulogies.


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