Au Revoir

I bid adieu

to posting anything new

With a crappy internet connection

there is only so much I can do

I hope to return sooner than I wish

But, I’ll be realistic, I doubt I will

Scheduling posts takes forever

The connection, you see, is steady never

Replying to comments might be easier

if I just fly to the respective places

and tell you to your faces

So, off I go to write some more

and keep them handy for my return

In the meantime, my dear friends

visit, read, or post a comment

I might be late in responding

But be assured, I will not be forgetting

you or your blogs, for I love to read

your words, your stories, your journeys

For when I return, be prepared

for a bombardment of encouraging

words in the form of comments

© NJ

Image courtesy:- Pixabay

To say that my internet connection sucks would be an understatement; it took me five tries to upload ONE post. This one. I managed to schedule just a few more before I gave up. I’ve lost count with the number of times I had to switch it off and switch it on again to be able to even upload the posts. So, till it has been resolved and works smoothly, I will swoop in like an eagle capturing its prey and escaping. You know, dive (visit), grab (comment), and escape (leave). Unfortunately, I am not able to visit everyone’s. Sorry about that. I will visit though. Hopefully sooner rather than later. In the meantime, happy writing.  Cheers!


3 thoughts on “Au Revoir

  1. Hope you get up to speed real soon. I can relate. So frustrating … seems as though it’s a universal problem! Sending hugs of patience to you from across the ocean. 🙂


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