Stormy World


There’s a storm blowing out, there’s a storm blowing in

Homes crashing down, Hearts breaking within

There wasn’t any warning, there weren’t any signs

Just a whole lot of destruction, on the outside and inside

Homes hit by nature’s weapon, hearts hit by human kind

There’s nothing that could prevent them from a rage of such a kind

Broken windows, broken doors, crushed walls now on the floor

Hearts cut and hurt and bleeding like a murder almost gore

Devastation everywhere, depression in their heads

It’s hard to figure out how to deal with massive pain

We take things for granted and sometimes people too

But we’re almost always reminded to limit grant to a few

One minute we’re decorating, one minute we’re celebrating

But in a flash, in a second, our whole world begins crumbling

No matter where the storm blows, the intensity of it all

Can crumble the world we live in, like the air sucked out of a ball

These storms are not always, the end of the road for some

We’ve got to find a way to fight them every time

The only way around them is to build your home again

The only way to heal your heart is to let go of the pain


Image courtesy:- Pixabay


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