NaPoWriMo Day 29: Travel Logs

I remember…

The first time I saw a leopard. He was gorgeous and just two years old and just a few feet away from me.

The first time I saw a Kingfisher fish for fish. It was spectacular and done within a blink.

The first time I saw a mama bear and her little cub. Wandering down hesitantly towards a water hole, the little cub holding on fiercely to its mother’s back, scurrying down as they reach the waterbed and quickly drinking water and scurrying right back on its mother’s back.

The first time I saw a shooting star. It was a dark blackened sky and just as I looked up; a streak of light flashed by.  It was one of the best travel moments ever.

The first time I touched snow. I was also clobbered with snowballs.

My first vacation. It was a week’s trip to Mauritius. With my sister. From then on, we went on vacations at least once a year.

Spending an entire month in the UK on a holiday. Each and every moment was worth it and there was never a dull moment.

Getting to see a White Peacock. It was my first sighting ever.

Watching a peacock dance and try and entice peahens but to no avail. I never knew that the back of those beautiful feathers were just as beautiful too.

Touching a snake. I don’t think I’ll ever want to again.

Experiencing the effects of a solar eclipse. It was eerie and yet exciting.

My first trek in Ladakh. Walking surrounded by tall mountains and getting to see mountain goats running up and down it.

Watching a tiger walk three feet away from the jeep we were in and being more in awe seeing that majestic beast than in fear.

Watching a lion’s chest go up and down as it breathed, exhausted in the heat.

Getting a chance to sail a boat for a few minutes. It was one of my most amazing moments.

© NJ

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