NaPoWriMo Day 27: The Art of Balancing

I used to love others more

From where my happiness would grow

I used to give them all I could

And never ask if they every would

But now I concentrate on me

The one who needs me desperately

The one I need to love the most

The one I need to give the most

There’ll be no compromises now

For I will not let her feel all low

For all my life I lived for others

And about myself I never bothered

I think it’s time I lived my life

The way I want to and love myself

I will not bend for anyone

And keep myself my number one

Don’t get me wrong I’m not being selfish

I’m just learning to fulfill my wish

I’ll start it out in a positive stride

And learn to be my own self guide

I will not fear of falling down

That’s how my feet are firm on the ground

I’ll be my strength, I’ll be my shoulder

To egg me on or to lean as a boulder

That doesn’t mean I don’t love others

I do, oh yes, I need them others

I’m just shifting my focus to manage

A beautiful way to love and balance

My love for others and myself too

To tend to their needs and my own too

They know I’m always there for them

It’s now for myself I’m doing the same


Did not follow today’s prompt. If you want to check it out though, click here.


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