NaPoWriMo Day 24: Thank You, Christie

I was told you were good
And to give you a try
They were right, I was hooked
I couldn’t wait to buy

The memories I have
Of your first book I read
Fills me with warmth
Coz I used to dread

Every day of living,
life as a whole
But reading your books
Made me close the door

On negative thoughts
And instead focus
On the plots and twists
In every book I read

Post reading, I knew
That no matter what
Every book of yours
Will soon be bought

It took me long years
But I fulfilled my dream
And now I’m the proud owner
Of your entire collection

I wish I could have met you
And thank you in person
Coz it’s because of you
That I got hooked to reading.

© NJ

Image courtesy:-Googleimages

Written based on the prompt for 3rd April.


3 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 24: Thank You, Christie

    1. She’s the best! And you are right. I have read quite a lot of her books. I have the entire collection and I am devouring each one (even re-reading some) like mad 😀

      P.S. And Then There Were None is brilliant. It is one of her best written books.

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