NaPoWriMo Day 22: Treasures of a Kind

We humans have just one place to live and we seem to be squandering it outright. No, I wouldn’t want to go live on another planet and destroy that too. Let’s clean up this home first and make it liveable, shall we?


 I don’t have diamonds

Of the hard rock kind

My diamonds are the stars.

I don’t have a treasure chest

Filled with golden coins

My treasure is the sun.

I don’t have fancy decorations

Of the silvery kind

My decorations are the flowers on trees.

I don’t have a palace

Of the royal kind

My palace is the earth.


Image courtesy:- Kittisak/

P.S. I have written so many poems regarding nature using various aspects that I couldn’t really think quick enough to jot down a new one for today’s prompt. For now, I’m tagging an old post. Will write for the prompt soon and put it up. Love and peace to all.


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