NaPoWriMo Day 17: Blessed

How often do we take the little things for granted? How often do we complain? How often do we even take LIFE for granted until it is too late? Don’t wait to get a jolt to make you realise that the little things matter too. I’m not saying big things don’t count. Of course they do, but in the process we end up forgetting the simplest of aspects. Be grateful, be happy, feel blessed for being alive, for being who you are … God made you unique in your own way. Cherish it… before it is too late.

You wake up every morning and open your eyes

What a blessing it is that we have sight

You stretch out your arms and take a deep breath

What a blessing it is to have arms and legs

You sniff the clean air and put on a big smile

Isn’t it lovely that you’re still alive?

You hear the birds chirp and the traffic sounds

I sure feel blessed that I can still hear a sound

You do the simple things without a given thought

Make sure to be grateful that you’re able to move about

A heart inside is beating to keep you alive and kicking

Don’t take that gem for granted, it’s you keeping you from dying!



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