The Daily Prompt: Superstition

Golden green eyes

Closed to a slit

Follow you steadily

You’re running late

Walks turn to jogs

Scurrying, hurrying across

Position perfected

As if in trance

Out she pounces

Screeching screams echo

Out of you loud

Haltingly you stop

Hisses and evil grin

Covers her face

Smugly she sits

Hesitant you are

For a choice

You need to make

Steady sly eyes stare

Devilish whiskers twitch

Frightened, you ponder

Should you move or wait

Escape or be escaped

Curse or thank fate

Paws are caressed softly

Words uttered in meows

Daringly you move with

Thoughts riddled mind

Are superstitions dead?

Or will it be me instead?

© NJ

Image courtesy:- sippakorn/freedigitalphotos


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