NaPoWriMo Day 8: The Boy Who Played

When I was a kid I used to enjoy splashing about in puddles during the rainy season. It was a lot of fun and it was something that I would always look forward to. Of course, that was then. Today, I happened to notice a little boy jumping in a tiny puddle of water and reluctantly leaving it after the water spread out and there was nothing much to jump about in. This poem is thus dedicated to childhood memories and that little boy.

‘Splash, splash’ squealed the boy

Jumping in a puddle of water

Leaping, dancing and bounding with joy

Giggling with soulful laughter

He loved those puddles full of life

It gave him somewhere to play

Those water filled puddles are so rife

He would play with them everyday

But now those puddles are all dried up

For there’s no more a rainy day

He looks to the sky with eyes scrunched up

Too see if there’s a spot of grey

It’s all a blue with no such clouds

That could give him his watery toys

So he cries, sighs, stomps around

And goes back to playing with boys



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