The Daily Prompt: Street

Footsteps gently tapped the ground

Eerie was the echoing sound

Startled and frightened so was she

For not a soul her eyes could see

Down the lonely street she went

Heart thudding silently within

Footsteps followed everywhere

Giving her a downright scare

Now her walks turned to a jog

Trying to escape in a hazy fog

But the footsteps continued to stalk

Her, as she began to run

She tried her best with all her might

She could not escape the footsteps’ sight

She finally caved and stopped her tracks

To face the footsteps and fight back

The minute she did, the footsteps stopped

It was so quiet; you could hear a pin drop

The truth of the footsteps occurred to her

It was her own fear following her

Steading herself, she walked with calm

Egging her fear to bring it on

But the silence continued down the street

Bringing a new spring to her feet

© NJ


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