The Daily Prompt: Conceal

Double Life

Its morning and she wakes up with a smile on her face

Happy to be alive for another brand new day

She’s cheerful, blissful and as radiant as can be

She’s going about her work as joyously

She’s thankful for the beauties surrounding her

Like the trees and the flowers and the buzzing birds

She’s thankful for the people in her life

Be it one, two or many to count

She takes a deep breath and refuses to stress

Over things, matters she cannot repress

She goes to work as her usual self

Laughing, joking without a mess

She’s all smiles and carefree and willingly

Enjoys those moments happening

It’s time to get home back to reality

Where nobody can see the true her within

The one who’s hiding her fears and pain

But putting up a smile on her brave lil face

It’s time to sleep so she hops into bed

Knowing tomorrow she’ll do it again

© NJ


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