The Daily Prompt: Frivolous

A few weeks back I noticed a mother berating her son. He was about seven years old, I guess. She kept saying, “good boys don’t do that. You’re not a good boy if you do so. Stop it.” And she went on along the same lines. The boy just stared at her and kept blinking. I doubt whether the kid actually knew what he did ‘wrong.’ I looked at them frowning wondering whatever did the poor kid do. As I stood watching them, someone the lady knew passed by and got talking with her and questioned her regarding the berating. That’s when I clearly heard these words: “I’m teaching him to use his ‘right’ hand. He keeps using his left hand to do things and that’s not good. That’s bad. Being a left-handed is bad, you know. These things should be taught at a young age.”

I stared dumbfounded at her and my jaw actually dropped. I couldn’t believe that even now people have something against being left-handed. It brought back so many memories for me and it has left me frustrated. I really felt bad for the kid and I’m desperately hoping his mother gets an ounce of sense into her head and stop doing what she thinks is ‘right’.


Do not berate me for how I was born

Does it matter which is the dominate one

As long as I’m healthy, as long as I’m well

Please, I beg of you to not much dwell

Is it so bad to write with my left?

Or toss a ball hard while I play with my friends

As I pick up food with my left hand

You say that’s bad and call it a sin

I stare at you in utter confusion

Wondering what it is that I’m doing wrong

I’m goaded and forced to use my right hand

Even though I’m uncomfortable and I just can’t

The minute I do something with my left hand

I am stared at in amazement as if in wonderland

I just don’t get why it is such a big deal

So I’m a leftie, is that really such a big thing?

I remember the times when I was a kid

There was always the shock and awe as well

When I would pick up things or comb my hair

Or even just cut a paper or pick up a pen

But years of goading has left me instead

Neither a leftie nor a right-ie to be exact

I do things with my left; I do things with my right

I guess I’m ambidextrous, yes, there’s a term for it

But I seriously wish that people would stop

Worrying if their kid’s a leftie or not

It doesn’t matter as long as the kid’s well

So get off this topic which is frivolous as hell!

© NJ


17 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt: Frivolous

  1. wow. I never new people still believed in that craziness in this day and age. My dad suffered a lot as a kid for being left-handed. The trauma somehow left psychological and emotional wounds that never quite healed.


    1. Sadly it still exists. Even now, I still go through bouts of confusion as to whether to use my left hand or right hand. I always feel conscious about people watching and staring at me when I use my left hand and for a minute I actually use my right hand before switching back to my left. I don’t ever need to feel that way but I do…

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  2. I am quite surprised to learn that such an archaic belief is still alive in this modern time. I know of someone who had the same experience as you, and I can’t stop wondering why it’s such a big deal to be a left-ie. Great post for such a topic.


  3. This is a cultural issue. There are areas of the world that do not provide the same facilities as many of us are (truly) blessed with having in the US.


  4. For that matter, why is it only proper we shake hands with our right? Why aren’t there watches designed for the left-handed?
    Society continues to favor the right-handed, and it all comes down to medieval roots. We shake hands with our right, because its the hand you would preferentially hold a weapon. Do you stab someone with a sword in your left? nope, offering an open right hand is disarming.
    In Australia we drive on the left. Why, because if someone was to attack you, you could stab them back with the sword in your right.
    In America, you drive on the left because it’s easier to shoot someone on your left, rather than take a step to swing right.
    This is all true unless you’re left handed. It’s easier to conform to society than change it.

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    1. Agree with you completely. Even now, when I do something using my left hand, people gasp and say, “Oh! You’re left-handed.” I just shrug my shoulders and say, “yes”.

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      1. It used to when I was a kid. I would feel uncomfortable and think I was doing something terribly wrong. I was often scolded when I used my left hand. As a result, I would consciously try and do things with my right hand. It messed my head for quite a while. But eventually I realised being a left-handed person was no big a deal. It’s made me an ambidextrous too which confused people even more 😀


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