The Daily Prompt: Longing

October 2015 – it was a warm wintery morning that I had woken up to. Looking forward to sifting through the gigantic folder of recipes to make the perfect cake for my beloved sister’s birthday, I went about my day with added enthusiasm springing in my feet.

After going crazy over each recipe and the varied choices I had, I finally zeroed in on a recipe that she had chosen a long time ago. What could be perfect than baking something that she longed for? It was the perfect one. Besides, I also had a surprise set in store for her. After all, it was one of those milestone birthdays.

2015 was a year of baking for me. I realised just how much it helped calm me down, how it helped destress me, how it helped me feel the one thing that each and every human being wants to feel – happy. I spent the year experimenting with recipes, trying out ones I’ve seen online, trying some of my own, trying different things, exploring my way through the magical world of baking. I enjoyed it so much that I would even have ideas floating in my head while asleep!

It was with this enthusiasm that I was looking forward to baking the special birthday cake for the most important person in my life. Getting set for it, I kept in mind that I had every ingredient ready before the day I was going to actually bake.

Most of my mornings commence with a glass of green tea before breakfast. This day was nothing different. Placing my mug in the oven, I switched the microwave on. It flickered on for a few seconds and started churning its engine before it went *clunk, clunk, clunk, ttsshhh*

I looked at the oven and noticed it had gone off. I thought maybe there was a power cut. So I checked around but there was nothing wrong. So I went back and tried the oven again. Nothing. It wouldn’t even switch on, let alone start.

Five days before my sister’s birthday, the stupid machine dies on me. No amount of help couldn’t get it to work.

I salvaged the day somehow by making Pomegranate Ice Cream and Chocolate Tarts instead but it of course didn’t even come close to blowing out candles on a cake. The machine dying ruined the surprise too. My sister loved the ice cream and tarts though so that’s something better than nothing.

It’s been five months now since and it’s during these months that I realised just how much I actually enjoy baking. The longing for it is too much at times. Someday I hope to renew this passion of mine. Someday soon…



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