The Daily Prompt: Pat on the Back

I’m proud of each and every person in my life. But I give special attention to two of them. For me, they are kids. Neither of them are kids in reality. But for me, they will always be kids. I met both of them in a writing group on Facebook. We’ve been friends for more than two years now. Time sure flies.


About her:-

She’s my little sister, to put it in a nutshell. I’ve met her just twice considering we live in different cities. I’ve gotten to know her extremely well and in just two years, I know almost everything about her. She and I share the same passion for baking. We’re crazy for it. Amongst other things. But the one thing that we share in whole would be our personalities. At least when I was her age. We think the same, we feel the same, our minds work in the same way… everything. And that scares me at times. Because I never want her to make the same mistakes that I made. I never want to go through life the way I did at that time. But life teaches you lessons in every way whether you want it to or not so I may not be able to prevent those mistakes or even new ones from happening but I definitely will be there for her. No matter what.


The best thing about her is that she’s a fighter. There’s still a lot that she needs to learn but I know she will eventually get there. You need a lot of patience when dealing with her but that doesn’t make her a bad person. She has fought way too many demons for her age and in the end she has survived each and every one of them. And she’s still fighting.


I am proud of her in the way she has gotten through things in her life. She may not be ready to deal with certain events and I get that. I just tell her to deal with them when she’s ready. I love how she enjoys the simplest things. Be it a shining star in the sky or a little baby giving her a toothless grin or even a minion squeaking “hookinaki mataaa” or “picatoooo”. Those are her two famous words when we talk on the phone. She squeaks them just like those minions (she’s going to kill for this. Oh well). She’s a sweetheart and she’s my crazy little sister. And I will never stop being there for her.


About him:-

He was 18 when I first came across him. He would call me didi (sister) at times when we would chat. We eventually became a group of 8 to 10 people of varying ages. He is the youngest. Although if you talk to him, you wouldn’t think he was that young for a second. When I first spoke to him, I thought he was in his 20s. We even have our own little nickname for him – Baby Dumbledore.


I have seen him struggle too and I am amazed at the mental and emotional strength he has in him to fight. I have and am continuing to see him grow in every aspect and I can’t express how proud I am of him. Words fail me and so at times I try my best to convey it via gestures. I don’t think that’s enough either.


The amount he reads, the beautiful stories and poems he writes astounds me. I will never reach that level and I know for sure that as he grows up, he’s going to be doing so much more that I can’t wait for it. He is so mature for his age that at times when I talk to people of my own age I can only stare in amazement at the sheer immaturity in them. But you can’t have it all.


I know I’m not doing enough to be there for them and I do try to be there as much as I can. I just hope they know that even though I’m not visible to them, I’m just a phone call or a text msg away.


Saying that I’m proud of these two sounds so incomplete. It feels like I should say something more to show just how proud I am of them. But like I said, words tend to fail me. So I add gestures too.

But I am. I am extremely proud of you, my Little Minion and Baby Dumbledore.


© NJ


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