The Daily Prompt: Toot Your Horn

Hmm, this prompt puts me in an awkward place. I don’t really like talking about myself. I let people find out for themselves. So let’s see. I like a lot of things about myself but my most favourite thing is that I’m a very good listener.


I have heard so many people say, “I wish I had someone who’d listen to me. Just listen. No advice, no comments, no ‘do this, do that’ etc. but just lend an ear.” That is what I tend to do. I admit, I don’t do it always but I try my best to judge the situation and see whether the individual wants to just vent out and pour his/her heart out or actually wants some suggestions or advice. Depending on that, I do the listening (and talking).


Whichever it is, I have had friends tell me so many times that they are grateful and thankful for the fact that I actually LISTEN. Funny thing is, I have never thought to do otherwise. I have a fondness for it. Not just listening to someone ranting but even generally. I prefer listening to talking.


Especially in this day and age where we don’t have time for anything; we really need people who would listen. I have found it difficult to find someone whom I could just rant or vent out to, share my frustrations or thoughts. As a result they are all buried inside me. Never to be let out… I never want that for anyone. EVER.


© NJ

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