The Daily Prompt: Just Another Day

Every day we perform certain actions without thinking. Be it big or small. It has become so monotonous that it doesn’t even register in our heads when we actually perform the specific action. Every year, I try and think of doing something new. Something that I can do every day and something that I’ll enjoy.

For example, last year I went on a baking spree. I wanted to bake anything and everything. Unfortunately I had to cut it short once my oven broke down. It broke my heart along with it would be an understatement. But that’s just temporary. Once I have a new oven, its back to baking. But that is what I call a ‘BIG’ action.

A couple of years before, it was to write a poem every day. Of course, I wrote some utterly bad ones but the whole point was to do something that made me happy and something that I could do daily.

This year I decided to spend time solving puzzles. I am a fan of puzzles. Especially word puzzles. I enjoy them immensely. Even more so when my sister and I are solving them together. That is not always feasible though.

The best part about solving puzzles is not only that it gets your brain churning those chains inside, it also gives you a nice boost of confidence when you solve an entire crossword, or a cryptogram by yourself. It makes you feel like pumping your fist in the air and going, “ha! I did it. I solved it!”

So this year’s ‘something new to do every day’ is solving puzzles. Needless to say, I’ve made it my ‘daily ritual’ too.




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