A Warm Winter

Just yesterday I read about the impending blizzard that may hit the US and it reminded me of the ‘not so cold’ winter that we are witnessing in our city (Mumbai) or even our country (India) for that matter. It is cold, yes. But it isn’t as it used to be before. It is more pleasant than winter-y cold. You can see the changes in the weather, the effects of global warming and the dangerous levels our planet seems to be disintegrating. And yet, we don’t learn.

Well, here I am reminiscing about a cold winter’s day/night…

There’s a chill in the air, it is cold out there

It’s time to bring out our winter wear

Hot coffees, teas, soups to drink

Warm us as winter is on the brink

Sweaters, woollies, scarves and socks

Is the trend in fashion that rocks

It keeps us warm and we look hip

That’s the latest beauty tip

Runny noses, coughs and colds

Are things of often we’ve been told

To take care of ourselves this winter

And protect our young ones and keep them better

It’s that time of the season where fogs around

Keeps us from seeing anything on the ground

It’s not just that which is so true

Even pilots can’t see in the sky so huge

When we see it as nature we love the beauty

When we see it as a hindrance we remember our duty

We nag and complain about time lost

Instead of appreciating the beauty lost

Picture yourself in a snow filled place

A bonfire, marshmallows, hot chocolate to taste

Cuddled up with a pillow like a warm embrace

Staring out of the window at the falling snowflakes

Moments like these need to be enjoyed

Before, during and after it’s gone

For moments like these may never return

Where it’s cold yet warm under the sun

© NJ


2 thoughts on “A Warm Winter

  1. I can picture myself in a snow filled place, with marshmallows and bonfires and friends nearby telling stories. 🙂 But when one catches a cold, even the lightest of winter cold seems a nagging freezing one. 😛 Lovely verse. 🙂


    1. Hehe, well, when you live in a city where winter is not really winter-ish, you can only dream of a cozy one 🙂 Although I do agree about ‘catching a cold’ part.


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