A New Year’s Promise

The year’s come to an end

For as usual is the trend

Of celebrating the commencement

Of a new year in excitement

But let’s not forget

The events and effects

That our actions and approach

May have caused havoc on others

Begin the year with remorse in your heart

And a promise to yourself to do no more harm

If you do then remember to seek pardon

From the people you love the most

May the year fill us with love and strength

To get over hardships in every way we can

Make new friends, make new resolutions

Bond with the old friends and fulfill the old resolutions

It’s said if you start the New Year on a high note

Your life will follow the same route

I’ve never really given it much thought

For I never believed it to be true

But it doesn’t matter what I think

For it depends on life and its treat

Some are in our control, some are not

The way we get through is the thought

So make a promise to yourself

To live life to its fullest

Coz no matter what happens

It’s just once that your heart will beat


Wishing each and every one of you a Happy New Year!


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