The Daily Prompt: These Horns Were Made for Tooting

Hmmm, one thing that I love about myself and few people know?

Well, I guess the best aspect would be the fact that I never get angry and I don’t use swear words. AT ALL. It’s not like I restrict myself and count to ten or try and control my emotions or something. It’s nothing like that. I’ve just never felt the need for it. I very rarely get hot tempered and blow up.

I get upset, I get irritated, and I get annoyed; I get exasperated… but real anger? You know, the ‘screaming out loud, throwing things around, using swear words left, right and center’ kinda anger?? Nah. Not me. Honestly, I find that a waste of my time.

Even when I do get angry, I don’t scream or throw things at people. I might use a loud voice and ‘talk’ to them but never scream. My friends would always ask me, “how in world don’t you get angry?” I just shrug and smile at them.

For me, the best way to deal with anger is to just walk away or take some time off from everyone. I do definitely tell people that I need some time alone though. It may not necessarily be because I’m angry but either way I inform people.

I’ve been around short tempered people my whole life. I see them snap for the smallest and silliest of things and it makes me wonder. So I guess, in a way, I learned to be more patient and understanding even more by looking at their reactions.

Although, people who know me tell me I tend to be OVERLY patient and understanding but that can be explained on another day…



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