The Daily Prompt: Daily Ritual

I have quite a few daily rituals that I try my best to follow every single day. But there is one that just completely upsets my balance if I don’t follow it for more than three days at a stretch. Actually there are two.

The first…

This is what I do when I’m up and awake in the mornings. I give a few minutes of thought to gratitude.

I’m grateful that I’m still alive

I’m grateful for all the people in my life

I’m grateful for being strong and wise

I’m grateful for all the things in my life

I’m grateful that I can read and write

I’m grateful for being sensible and wise

I’m grateful for all the senses in me

I’m grateful that I am as healthy as can be

I’m grateful that I can touch and feel

I’m grateful that I can hear and see

I’m grateful that I can walk around

I’m grateful I can carry things around

I’m grateful that God has given me this gift

I’m grateful that He lets me live

I’m grateful that through all my years

He kept me safe and sound each year

We tend to take so many things for granted. It’s just easier to do so. But I don’t like doing that. I don’t want to take anything for granted and I truly want to be grateful for every little and big thing in my life. The days I’m in a hurry or don’t end up saying it in my head, I make sure that I find the time to do so later. I ensure I never miss reminding myself of it. it just feels weird if I don’t do it. Even if it is as simple as muttering it in my head. After all, how hard could it be, right?

The second one…

At night, I tend to unwind by listening to some soothing music. Almost in a meditative way. So I’m away from my phone majority of the times. In fact, I’m away from the phone way into the morning. It helps me relax before I go to sleep. it helps calm my stressed up mind and body before falling asleep. And I have observed that for whatever reasons I don’t listen to it, my sleep isn’t as restful. I wake up disturbed and groggy as compared to feeling as rested and cheerful. My head invariably tends to pound by the end of the day and I’m dead exhausted. But meditative music, or any music for that matter, definitely lifts my mood up more than anything.



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